A folded bath towel with decorative shapes seem to impress the guests. Cruise lines are well known for making animal shapes or other fun shapes with towels in their cabins. One of the nicest ways to do is Lotus Flower. Requires three standard bath towels and cloth or optional hand towel. Fold towels only takes a few minutes and impress your room visits.

bathroom towels decoratively

Place a bath towel horizontally on a flat surface. Fold in half by bringing the right edge with the left edge. Remove any wrinkles. Now you have a square, or nearly square, or cut depending on the size of the towel.

Take the bottom right and upload it to the upper right. Returns to remove any wrinkles and ensure that the fold is flat. Now you have a triangle.
Bring the bottom edge left of the triangle tip top left and smooth the fold. Similarly, top right brings the tip to the upper end left and smooth bending. Now you have a square with a diagonal line again where are the two halves. The diagonal will come out from the top corner left to the lower right corner of the square.

Take half of the lower side of the square between your thumb and left index finger. While holding it, take the right side of the square between your thumb and right index finger. Quickly lifts the towel square and seal the back of the square where you are holding the sides and turn it back down. You’ll have to pull up while doing this to create the central peak and flip sides out. You’ll end up with a shape that looks like a fleur de lis towel with a peak in the center flanked by two symmetrical winged figures on each side.

Stripping the upper layer of the central peak downward so as to reach almost to the end of the towel. This will make you look like a flower.

Repeat steps 1 to 5 for the other two towels. Place the three towels next to each other on the bed or table to look like a big flower. Place on a pillow to make them more noticeable.

Put a finishing touch on Lotus Flower. Fold a cloth or hand towel following steps 1 through 5. Put it on the three towels folded on the lower spots, where they come together, giving the impression that the flower has more petals.