Many people fold towels and washcloths in a hurry and not paying attention to the decorative possibilities are offered. These are folded in a very simple and easy. In hotels of high category and cruise lines, towels and wipes are always bent into decorative shapes. Guests love to see beautiful and luxurious creations made ​​with simple accessories. There are different ways to fold that give as a result charming, elegant and high-class designs.
fold towels and washcloths


Place the towel over a flat surface. Fold into thirds and hang it on a towel, back of a chair or on a ledge. Half of the towel will hang from the ledge that you have selected.


Place the hand towel on a flat surface and take his wrinkles or folds you have. Fold the bottom so that it covers two thirds of the hand towel.
Take the edges of the folded area and fold halfway. The folded section will be a third of the hand towel.

Turn the hand towel. The face of the bent portion of the towel is on the flat surface.

Fold together the left and right sides of the towel. As you do this, fold the left side into the hole on the right side. Fold the right side to the left side will be assured.

Turn the hand towel. You’ll see a small hole in the bottom of the fold. Put up hand towel folded bath towel. It should be centered and hanging halfway bath towel with hollow face upwards.

Put the towel on flat surface and smooth it to get wrinkles and folds.

Fold the napkin like an accordion. You will have to bend a small section and then give it back. Continue folding into equal sections and giving it back until the towel looks like an accordion.

Fold the towel in half. It will look elegant fan. Put her in the hollow of the hand towel. Now you have a folded towel and washcloth and very elegant.