Organize themselves in the kitchen is not as easy as you might think. Do you plan to house in order ? Started from the kitchen ! If you are tired of trying pots, pans, lids, furnishings in various furniture overflowing and messy, you step back and try to give an order to your kitchen. Not to mention that keeping a tidy kitchen can influence our approach with the power. Numerous American studies, in fact, argue that a chaotic kitchen, not only hinders the best culinary intent, but also encourages to have a poor diet. Why, then, do not roll up your sleeves and fix the kitchen with a DIY project? Here are a few helpful tips how to get organized in the kitchen that will help you bring order to the kitchen.

how to get organized

Organized with the handouts

If you have a very small stove, find a space dedicated solely to spices is really impossible. Same goes if the shelves of the furniture are so full that I could not even close the doors. Rather than let the jars of herbs hanging around in the kitchen, try to hang on the wall a small pantry , a cabinet in which to put only the spices. Have fun catching an old sideboard and decorate it as you like with various techniques of decoupage.

What you need:

1. A locker
2. Paint
3. Sheets of paper decorated for decoupage
4. Glue for decoupage
5. Brushes
6. Drill and screws

Place order

If you have free space on the wall, but do not know how to exploit it, to organize better in the kitchen try to create small niches hollowed in the wall . A perfect idea if you have a small kitchen and with a low ceiling, in which you prefer to avoid adding cabinets or shelves because, being protruding, would require too much space.
The niches in the wall are ideal to accommodate cans, cups, bowls and utensils food that might otherwise be scattered throughout the kitchen.

What you need:

1. Meter
2. Paint
3. Wooden Shelves
4. Drill and screws
5. Glue

Arrange the shelves

Inevitable in a tidy kitchen shelves are: practical, economic and above all easy to hang without much carpentry work. The open shelves are perfect for organizing the kitchen and make it easier kitchen cluttered and not very spacious, not to mention that they are a useful aid in the search for tools or various cans while you are cooking. But even the shelves have their pros and cons. The shelves, in fact, require an open space on the wall, of course, too small in kitchens missing. In this case you could fix the mini shelves just the sink or trying to take advantage of those spaces, often unused, between the kitchen furniture.