We do not usually give much importance, but furniture auxiliaries play a key role in the home. In addition, besides make our life easier can bring a dose of style to any room. Of course, these pieces have to choose carefully, thinking in not only functionality but also factors such as style, color, size, material. One of the auxiliary furniture fewer strike us is the table at night.


However, is very important because it allows us to have on hand everything needed when we are resting water bottle, alarm clock, the book you are reading, the TV remote. As you know, in major stores decoration and furniture can be found nightstands of all styles, so you will have it easy to find the best fit in your bedroom. Of course, if you want to give this important room in the house a special touch, we recommend that you decant for some of the following ideas. 

A swing as nightstand

Do you want your bedroom to be a super special corner? You have read it right! You can see a couple of examples in the photo that we show below. Best of all is that you can create yourself with a wood and two strings thick. So that the base is not unstable, we recommend anchoring it to the wall with a couple of screws.

A table based books

The books not only fill us with knowledge and take us to distant worlds, but also can become the most decorative objects. In fact, you can use them to bedside. The only thing you should do is to group a few, choosing between copies of different colors and sizes to give the room a touch even more original. You can see a couple of examples of bedside books created in the image beneath these lines.

Suitcases that not only serve to travel

Old suitcases have become key pieces of decoration vintage and can when used in different rooms of the home. As you can see in the image that we show below, they can be great as nightstands, either individually or by grouping several. Incuse, the suitcase they can add legs. The idea is to combine these pieces with a retro decor, although you know that today the spaces that combine modern touches with details take vintage.

Stairs most original

Do you want a table of even more original night? Then choose a ladder. In the market, you will find them ideal for decorative and bedrooms combine with different styles. Of course, you can also choose to reuse old stairs that you have at home restoring them or leaving them in their current state. They are also great small stools that double as stairs and commonly used in the kitchen.

Reuses chairs and stools

A great idea not to have to spend money on buying a nightstand is to reuse a chair or stool that you have at home and you no longer use. As you can see in the image that we show below, the result can be spectacular.