Building a glass house requires careful planning of what will be the structure of the house. Large areas of glass should have a good structural support in any type of building. Start the design process by drawing a house with lots of glass that is pleasing to the eye. Transferred to graph paper while more details are prepared and have the design reviewed by an expert of construction before you start building. The beauty of glass walls is a picturesque open-air stage becomes part of the interior space. The glass houses work best in milder climates, but can incorporate special techniques of shading and natural solar heating design.

glass house


Get home construction books and magazines that show glass houses. Check many designs to find favorite architectural styles. Incorporates glass on the exterior walls of almost any standard home. Find ways to open walls or metal structures using wood to support, but keep in mind the privacy of the room interiors.



Design a house with prefabricated exterior walls using many windows. Place six to eight windows side by side only with strong wooden or metal frame between them. Plans to build a wall in the room, for example, several windows of 60 inches (1.52 m) tall. Add an outer wall with the design to create a courtyard in order to ensure greater privacy. Design any wall of windows in the facade of a house that does not have neighbors nearby.
Incorporates multiple units of sliding glass doors to add light. Installed, for example, three sets of double sliding doors along one wall of an area to be in the kitchen. Install three additional sets of sliding glass doors along an adjoining wall. Glass walls designed to accommodate large curtain rods to give privacy at night. Consider building a roof built outdoor shade lattice if the wall gets a lot of sun during the day.

Design entire walls of glass planning to use a metal support structure. Create a plan to place sections of glass spanning from floor to ceiling, if the house is on a lake, for example. Plan the installation of sheet vinyl reflective tinted copper inside the glass to make it difficult to see inside when the sun is shining. Design a house with all this glass with a software program prefabricated housing as an option for the planning from the beginning.

Build walls main bathrooms, hallways or balconies are made ​​of bricks of glass . Use this solution for the opening of a wall in areas where no automobile traffic or pedestrians. Plans to place bricks glass in the lower half of the walls with glass transparent ball in the upper sections. Incorporates coatings generous eaves or porch outside the house to avoid too much sun.