Cabinets kitchen are painted or stained and clear coat in a variety of colors. After the paint or clear coat dries, it leaves a glow, which is how your cabinets really shine by reflecting light onto the surface. There are at least six different types of glitters available in paint and products cover transparent, ranging from total absence to a very high level of brightness, the amount chosen is based on your own personal preferences, but no specific glow paint and transparent varnish that work best in them.

Painting and satin polyurethane

Paint or satin polyurethane provide better glow for you if you prefer a soft glow on your wood. Both products are a step above a flat paint or clearcoat at no shine at all. Glow-Up products are not suitable for the kitchen cabinets. They are very difficult to clean and maintain. A satiny glow is easier to care for and display the least amount of dirt, grime and blemishes on the face of your cabinets.

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Painting and semi-gloss polyurethane

Paints and urethanes have a semi-gloss shine that is a step above a glossy shine. This is one of the most popular flashes and not only found in the kitchen cabinets, but the woodwork throughout the home. A semi-gloss glow provide a nice glow to your cabinets, but not a dominant shine. It is very resistant in areas of high traffic , such as your kitchen and is easy to maintain. This glow display or reflect a little more dirt and grime than satin, but overall is a good choice for your kitchen cabinets.

Painting and glossy polyurethane

The paint products and brilliant gloss polyurethane provide a step up from the products of semi-gloss. Bright products reflect more light and are even easier to clean than the products of semi-gloss or satin. This brightness is best used if no surface damage to your cabinets. A high-shine as the brightness can be easy to clean, but also show more imperfections in your cabinets.


The best glow is really all about what you prefer, but if you want easy cleaning, choose sparkling shine. If you want easy cleaning, surface imperfections but you choose the glossy shine. If your cabinets are in good shape and want a nice glow that is not too reflective choose semi-gloss.