The natural stone is a beautiful and classic surface for bathroom floor , desk or around the shower. Options for each stone include marble, granite and slate, but even among these categories find almost endless color options. The rain forest brown marble is a beautiful and exotic choice, but granite can be a more cost effective and low maintenance option.

Marble can be prone to stains, scratches or dull, so many people choose granite for their easy maintenance. While both types of stone require regular sealing, and are prone to stains, marble is easier to scratch and stain the granite. Because it is susceptible to stains from a greater number of meals , drinks and cosmetics than granite, require more care. For example, a bottle of shampoo left on a marble counter too long can create a stain.

granite bath

Colour Selection
The marble rainforest comes in a variety of colors, including variations of green, brown and red, and usually with features of large-scale designs with a wide range of motion in the colors. If the tropical forest marble color you like but want the benefits of low maintenance granite, autumn brown color or brown agate could be an alternative solution.

The costs of marble and granite vary greatly depending on the size and even the flagstone chosen. You can find marble rainforest online for as little as $ 12 per square foot (30.48 cm2) and mosaic tile to as much as U.S. $ 100 per square foot (30.48 cm2) for other sizes. Granite is generally cheaper, with prices from $ 2 to $ 3 per square foot (30.48 cm2) for tile mosaics.


Long term style
If it is important for you that the stone has a style to long term , marble is often the best option . It is a timeless choice that has been used in kitchens and bathrooms for thousands of years. Granite has been used in this capacity for the past 50 or 60 years. It is a very popular choice now commonly used in many homes for the different prices, and may appear long before the marble.