When decorating your home, you can approach the task of matching solid color sofa with a carpet of another solid color in a variety of ways, according to JP Interior Julie Polk. The method you choose depends on the objects you want to include in your scheme of decoration . You can choose to incorporate a method or more. According to Mrs. Polk and decorator interior, “There are no hard and fast rules that apply to the decoration of interiors, but everything depends on what attracts you. ” If you have a blue sofa, and you’ve moved to a rental house with gray carpet that can not be changed, or if you just like how they look blue and gray together, there are a number of ways to combine the two colors perfectly for a unified appearance, made ​​it quiet and relaxing.
 gray carpet


Place three to five cushions gray or blue on the couch. When using pillows gray solid color, select those in shades of light and dark to help combine the couch and gray carpet.

Place a curtain in blue and gray tones combine in the back of the sofa, or casually put it in a corner to mix colors. “Do not be afraid to use a curtain that includes another neutral color, in addition to blue and gray. While the blue and gray stand out in the color scheme of a curtain, a member of various colors should work fine for your purpose ” Ms. Polk says expert decorator interior.
Place a carpet of blue and gray under the couch or under the coffee table in front of the couch to help combine blue sofa with gray carpet.