We are often so focused on furniture and furnishings in general, that we forget how important restiveness textiles. With textile fabrics mean both “fixed”, such as those that line the walls, protect floors or floors or sofas, which mobile ones, such as curtains, tablecloths, the linen . Today we focus on these items of furniture , with the presumption of creating a small guide to the choice of textiles for the home .

home textile

We start from the tents. In addition to protecting the house from the heat , from the light and prying eyes , the curtains sanction the boundary line between the house and outside, for this reason we speak of both our guests that the passers . Already this point lends itself to two different visions. If some in fact use outside show the best side of the tents, others prefer to enjoy from inside the house their own tents. The subject has been widely discussed below more fronts when they appeared for the first time the curtains printed, with the passage of time and with changes in the production of the curtains is resized. The choice of a tent is a time very complex since it are of different types , depending on the shape, length, material.

To make the best choice we must first assess the environment that you are going to decorate. The rooms “public” of the house, such as living and dining rooms, deserve the curtains of representation , and are therefore recommended long curtains, elegant, with wooden valances or important. Also good choice of a double tent, with a base in a veil and waning with clear shades. Tents and court practices are required in bathrooms and kitchens, environments requiring curtains especially convenient to change and wash. For other rooms home instead mainly affects the taste and personal comfort , in addition to the style of the room overall.

We now turn to the tablecloths and napkins : a time in every home that was respected this service from 12 in Flanders white , to show off with the service of crystal. Today times have changed, and even on occasions of representation you prefer to bring in tables of fashionable textiles and more comfortable. That’s also in lunches to house the most important find space tablecloths hemp that if well matched guarantee a good result.

We conclude with the bedding . The changing of the seasons requires a change most of these-components than the other. In any case, you should always choose the coordination lighter or heavier depending on the season. For matter of comfort we advise you to choose the sheets with the corners and lightweight duvets. If you like to change, choose colors that although in keeping with the room, allowing you to change the effect of your bed from summer to winter.