When you have to choose the heating system for your home, the challenge can be daunting. The decision will affect the comfort, energy costs, the quality of the air and the security of home for years to come. Whatever the reason for which to install a new heating system (addition of liveable space, replacement of a system inefficient or obsolete ), it is a long-term investment that can save considerably thanks to a higher energy efficiency . There are a number of factors that determine the right choice to a certain lifestyle . The costs include the price of the unit and the distribution system, installation fees and operational expenses. Here is a brief guide to the choice of the heating system .

heating system

Today the system is made ​​more heat to the floor , because it represents the best possible solution at the moment: in some ways can be seen even the only, since the ratio welfare / savings it offers. The operation is very simple: the condensing boiler produces hot water which, via a system of pumps, flowing in polyethylene pipes drowned in the concrete slab, under tiles. The advantages of this type of system are enormous and it is for this reason that it has replaced in a few years the above types of plants, mostly represented by heating to radiators and / or fan coils (heaters), a wood stove or pellet.

A few years ago the plant was in fact only made of cast iron radiators or fan coil. To heat the environment, it was necessary that the boiler to heat the water at a temperature of between between 65 ° and 80 °. The terminal of the two types, however, warmed the environment in a non-uniform. The type of floor heating allows you to heat a house with a water temperature between 27 ° and 35 °: the heat through the floor evenly thus obtaining a single heating surface.

It is easy to see how in the second case the amount of fuel is much lower comparing to the previous cases, influencing decidedly for the payment of bills and on the production of harmful gases. Also, the feeling of comfort and warmth that reflects the person inside the building is undoubtedly in favor of the floor system, because of its homogeneity of irradiation.