Some bath towels are very expensive and perhaps only bought in order to display them. Hang your bath towels decoratively is a great way to display them in your guest bath or anytime you want to hang your towels elegantly. Fold your towels decoratively will feel pampered to your family, guests and friends, as if in an elegant hotel suite.
decoratively hang bath towels


Fold the large towel into thirds lengthwise and hang it on the rack.


Take a hand towel and spread it that matches with embroidered side down on a flat surface.
Fold the bottom up to two thirds of the way up .

Turn it over and fold the part left and right against each other. The two sides should meet in the middle and slightly overlap, so you can wrap a hand in the other.

Wrap the towel right inside the part left .

Turn the towel and see that you’ve created a nice pocket. Hang it on the rack on the large towel.

Put a washcloth that matches on a flat surface with the label facing up . Fold accordion style, making the folds of an inch to either side.

Leaving intact folds, fold the wipe in the middle and put it in the pocket of the towel. Open ends as a fan.