Curtain rods are required to dress up your window , and holding the fabric panels and allow them to slide and stay aligned. Some curtain accessories are both decorative and functional time, such as rods that are mounted on substrates topped tips. Others are just functional, as the bars with rails. Curtain rods for all types available are purchased ready-made or can be customized to fit the dimensions of your windows . A bar should always be chosen according to their ability to support the weight of the curtains.

hanging curtains

Decorative Bars
The decorative rods, also known as poles, are no more than conventional rods are used to hang stationary panels of fabric. These accessories are attached to the wall just above and outside the window . In these cases, curtains hanging directly or bar, rings, stitch holders, strips of cloth or a pocket repulgado where the bar is fully inserted. Such bars may be wood, iron, metal or resin. The wood can be stained, painted or faux finish marble, metal or verdigris (the blue-green patina that develops on copper and its alloys). Real metal rods are also used in wrought iron, nickel, tin, brass or bronze. Such bars usually have topped tips at the ends showing motifs as spheres, sheets, coils, or hooks.


Bars Rail Type
Bars with rails are used with curtains that slide. This type of bar includes a track system with wagons plastic or brass slide to open or close the curtains, which are attached to the car by hooks or pins. The rail type bars come with basic and expandable systems. The basic system is a rod of fixed size; is expandable bar extending from the ends. Most bars rails are not decorative at all. Usually hidden behind a valance or cornice, although there are more expensive decorative styles, where the bar is hidden is hidden behind a hollow post.

Tension rods
The tension rods have rubber tips and a spring mechanism that held firmly within the frame of the window . They are used in windows recessed where other bars are not practical. Typical coffee curtains often hang in tension bars, like small curtains called light curtains covering a front door or window side. The tension rods are only useful for light curtains and the curtains as they do not carry much weight. Shower curtains can also be hung on tension rods.

Other bars
There are other bars in many decor stores, for example, that are hinged swivel and extend away from the window when the curtain opens. Meanwhile, the wire consisting of a metal wire which is held in small holders. Because they can be easily bowing, are very useful for windows with curved corners and viewpoints. The continental bars are wide and flat and are basically metal accessories for borders or large curtains. This type bar is in the 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches (6.2 to 11.2 centimeters) wide. Double track rods have two tracks, each with its own pulley for hanging an inner and an outer curtain. This type of accessory is also available with three-way, used to hang two curtains and a valance.