Designing a space with a large white wall with a very high ceiling is really a design challenge. However, with some tips and tricks, you can create a space that is pleasing to the eye . Most importantly, you get a design that is balanced with the size of your wall and the height of your ceiling.
very high ceiling


Paint a large white wall with a high ceiling in a paint color that will make the walls move towards you, like red, gold, orange and brown. This gives the space a more intimate and cozy atmosphere. Paint the ceiling a dark color, like brown, to make the ceiling appear lower. This also makes the room appear more intimate and cozy. However, if you want to take advantage of the size of the space, painting the walls in colors like blue, green or violet, which make the walls appear to recede. Use a light color on the ceiling, and white for the ceiling appear even higher.


The ratio is important when choosing patterns for your walls. Therefore, you must apply wallpapers with large patterns on a wall for your design of a proportional or balanced way. Unlike the patterns smaller, the patterns are large repair to the eye, especially in a wall. Use a wallpaper textured to give the wall dimension in addition to cover imperfections. Moreover, avoid small patterns with balanced combinations because they are difficult to match in the repetition, especially in a room with a large wall.
Art for the Wall

Like the wall paper, the ratio is important when choosing artwork for your walls. Choose a great work of art, big enough to cover most of the wall or choose to cover several small works. You can decorate vertically or artworks that are longer than wide, to cover more space between the floor and ceiling, which can also emphasize the height of the wall. However, horizontal decorated with works of art to “lower” the ceiling visually.


Although costly, another option for a white wall with a very high ceiling windows is installed. A custom windows that are not standard size can increase costs by 50 to 100 percent per window, not including installation done by a professional. However, stained glass windows installed in a large white wall and high ceilings create a visual interest in the space, renovating your home and lighting a room to let in natural light.