Install a home bar can create a warm atmosphere to hang out with friends and family. This allows you to entertain your friends and family with style. Choose furniture and accessories to complement the existing decor of your home.



The location of the bar will determine the decor and function the same. The most common places are for a corner in the kitchen, dining room, basement, living room or game room. The bar should have a surface easy to clean as tile or cement to prevent the wine from spilling her ruin. Place the bar where you can easily access and enjoy, in a room or corner with space large enough to house a bar, one or two waiters and a lot of family and friends enjoying.

home bar


If you can incorporate a custom bar to bar or a prefabricated unit. Most home bars come in an “L” or “U” that is easy to access. The surface of the bar can be tiled or granite oak, but match those of the kitchen countertops. Choose comfortable stools that complement your decorating style. For example, chrome and red vinyl stools are ideal for a retro look, while the leather is it as full support for the wood dark in a luxurious setting. The swivel chairs that you and your guests will use facilitate the ability to convert and socialize.



Achieving the desired bar

The bar should include certain equipment and items that make it more functional service to guests, includes a miniature refrigerator, several mixers, mixer, running water and a sink. If possible, add a poster of your favorite beer or soda. Place a series of hand mixers and alcohol bottles as part of the decor. Bottles of interesting colors and shapes can be on the shelves or on a table behind the bar. Put alcohol in a cabinet with glass doors, if you are concerned that children can take the bottles. Alternatively, display the empty water empty or full bottles, apple juice or other beverages. Includes soft drinks for children or people who do not drink.



Customize bar with elements that create the atmosphere you want. Place lamps hanging above the bar to create an atmosphere of gloom. Mirrors placed over the posted signs to customize the beer hall also puts neon lights for a bar atmosphere. Place custom beer steins, glasses and other basis. Install racks behind the bar to hang upside down glasses. Use as large glasses decorative glasses or a set of margarita glasses with colorful borders. Hang a flat screen TV on the wall to provide entertainment to friends and family.