When it comes to home security, you may want to go all-out and spend as much as you can on your security system. However, sometimes these more expensive security systems aren’t worth the money. Sometimes, also, you simply don’t have the money to buy a high-tech system, especially if you’ve just been burgled. Here are some ways you can save a bit on your security system up front. Remember, you can always upgrade in the future.

Instead of subscribing to a monitored system, go with a system that isn’t monitored. This means you won’t have to pay a monthly fee. While having a monitored system is certainly very good, there’s nothing that readily says a system is monitored. This means that a thief isn’t going to know whether or not a security company is alerting the authorities or watching via a hidden camera. For all the thief knows, you’ve got the top of the range, most expensive home security system around. Remember, one of the key elements in home security is the presentation. If someone thinks your home is totally secure, it doesn’t matter if it really is or not.


Do not, however, avoid paying to have someone install your home security system if you are not comfortable doing it yourself. Your alarm system must be wired into your home’s electric system, and if you aren’t comfortable doing that yourself, hire someone. It’s better to pay than to have an alarm that isn’t going to work properly.

What you should do when installing your home security system is to look at what you actually need to secure. Obviously, you need alarms on your front door and most likely on your back door. You may not, though, need an alarm on the door that goes to your garage. Likewise, there may not be a need to install alarms on your second story windows. Generally, thieves break into the ground floor—rarely do they climb a tree or otherwise get up to the second story and enter your home that way.

If you’re going to install security cameras, only put them in main areas. You don’t need to put cameras in your bedrooms, for example. Instead, put one in the common area. If you have expensive equipment such as a large television, point your camera at it. Chances are, anyone breaking into your home is going to go straight for what looks the most expensive, so by training your camera on it, you’ll catch them in the action.

Another thing to keep in mind is that loud sirens and flashing lights scare people. If you set up an alarm that includes this, chances are it will be effective. Likewise, motion detector lights around your home can help scare off thieves during the night. If they think you are at home or if they think the sirens and lights will attract the attention of your neighbours, which may be all you need.

These budget-saving methods should only be used if you absolutely can’t afford a full security system. It’s always better to purchase a security system that will protect your home completely, so if you’ve got the money, be safe. Otherwise, put together an inexpensive security package with an eye to upgrading it later.