This is not a post about any technique to decorate furniture, no TUTORIAL with a step by step to tune an object, but it is a post about a transformation and a step that can be very important for both furniture and paint, waxing. Today we get the mop to clean our antique furniture before you start decorating or cleaning can that be enough. We’ll see how to clean wood.

clean wood

How to clean our wooden furniture The first is to see exactly what kind of furniture we have and what we do with it. If the furniture that we like and how it is and we just want to clean without damaging we can use a number of products and if we want to raise all the varnish, dirt and prepare to continue working with him, because we have other options. The furniture we have in hand is on the second group. The other day I bought at El a slightly damaged old desk. Well, pretty much. circling what I’ll do with it, but first of all we had to clean it. And I wanted to prove to him several homemade cleaning formulas that you may see different results.

Old desk untreated

In advance, I leave a picture so you can appreciate the transformation undergone a cabinet just to clean and remove layers of accumulated dirt. To begin the wood grain look and the color changes dramatically. Although I have to admit that this deep cleaning the desk has caused me many questions: was better before as I found it? Do I give a tinker furniture sometimes worse? Was a part may lose their personality remove the signs of aging? Many, many doubts.

Desk after cleaning

Once he had decided to clean me, although may have been a mistake, I decided to try homemade tricks. I’m not against products that are already made, for nothing, but in this case I wanted to do now and so he had to use something that I had at home. RECIPE 1: VINEGAR AND OIL One of the tricks that have most used our mothers and grandmothers to keep bright wooden furniture is this mixture. Put half a cup of olive oil and half a cup of vinegar in a bowl and rub with a cloth. If the furniture is new and does not want to remove the varnish, this mixture can serve to remove dirt, protecting wood while polishing. We let it dry and do not put anything on top until it is completely dry or leave marks on wood. If the cabinet is in the midst of a transformation, then we can replace the cloth for metal scourer.

Mix vinegar and oil to clean furniture

The oil moisturizes the wood and the vinegar helps to remove accumulated dirt. Once dry our furniture you can pass another cotton cloth to polish. But in the case of the desk this formula does not convince me that the oil gave too yellowish color to the wood in this case was not looking.

Cleaning oil

RECIPE 2: LEMON JUICE AND continue with homemade ingredients to remove all dirt from our wood. The lemon juice diluted in water can help us raise the remains of varnish and everything in its path. As the desk had much dirt everywhere, I’ve done is directly pass the lemon over the surface and leave a couple of minutes. Make sure you put enough lemon to prevent drying, we do not want to scratch the wood with the mop. Dirt goes everywhere as seen in the photo.

Difference between a dirty side and a clean

So that you can appreciate the difference between cleaning with lemon and oil will leave a picture which I think shows how the oil gives a more orange wood color and removes dirt less, while the right part looks perfectly as has been completely clean surface. Possibly the dry wood, but in this case lime is just the first step. Then will come the sand because it has many scratches and the rest do not know yet.

Difference between cleaning with oil or lemon

When I started cleaning began doubts about whether it was the best. In part, the desk loses his personality, but this way the wood grain look and also, as has several broken parts, which should be fitted new parts and are going to notice much difference, I think it best.

Old wooden desk

I hope to clean wooden home recipes to be a help. Incidentally, the desk, the jars and metal bucket I bought at El. And Vintage Isabel had the idea of ​​doing a tour, whoever can add up. Initially we will be on Sunday April 19 and just need to be eager to kick through the streets lined with stalls.