An opening party in your home will give you the opportunity to show your new purchase to all your friends and family. These games will provide a moment of entertainment for your guests once the tour of your home is completed. Board games or outdoor games offer a generic option for the holidays. However, there are specialized games that are more related to the subject and provide a choice of more memorable entertainment for your party.

housewarming party of a home

Treasure Hunt
Create a scavenger hunt to re-make a tour of the home. Make a list of items you have in the various rooms of the house . Give her to each of the guests a list of those items. Ask them to write the exact location of each of the elements of the room that you gave them and that they can find while walking your new home. Add items that are not in plain sight for some fun. Feel free to give a prize to those who find most of the items on the list.

Decorating the house
If you have not yet posted your pictures or you have not placed the ornaments on the shelves , let your party guests do it for you. Place all elements of decoration for a particular room on a table. Make one of the guests go first, choose one of the ornaments and then place it where you think it could be great. Then choose the next person to have the opportunity to also decorate the room. Continue the process until everyone has had the opportunity to help you decorate. This game is best for those owners who lack personality and hesitant to choose. However, for those with strong opinions, they will find it difficult to see how others decorate their homes.

Designer Challenge
Choose a room in your new home that needs a little help design. Purchasing a new home under construction, choose a room that is empty and undecorated. If you have had previous owners choose a decoration not couple to your style and needs a makeover. Introduce the space in question and your guests acércales few blank sheets with pencils or crayons. Let them become interior designers for a moment and develop a new design for the room. Ask them to draw a picture of their proposals. After a little time, let each designer present his proposal with an oral explanation of the proposed changes. Here not hesitate to give a prize for the most original design.

Choose one of the rooms in your new house with a door. Give your guests a minute to look at the space around it well, your decorations and contents. For an even more difficult game, place additional elements there. Ask everyone to return to the main area of ​​the party and closed the door so no one can breathe. Now, endow two minutes to write down all the items they can remember. Any more correct items wins a prize. Moreover, you can create a variation where you have to ask questions about the items of the room; to do this, divide your guests into two teams and ask things about the room. Each correct answer will win a point.