Addressing the summer heat is really difficult in these very hot weeks of half summer. You can find a bit ‘of refreshment to the sea or mountains. But for those who remain at home, unable to work or it can be a living hell. However we can try some tricks to refresh our house. And this is possible even without conditioner. There are some things we can do to have a drop in temperature. Just as there are some special times to be exploited to get some ‘fresh in house. In the next steps we will discover how to improve the internal temperature of the house and increase our welfare.

cool house

If our house is directly exposed to sunlight close doors and windows. We lower the blinds and close the shutters. In this way the solar rays will not overheat the rooms. Let’s do especially during peak hours, when the sun is more violent. If possible, install a sunshade on the veranda or curtains that create shade. In this way we will always have the coolest areas in which to pass. In the cooler hours, as in the late evening and early morning, we throw open the doors and windows. We will circulate a little ‘air to cool the rooms of our house. During the phases of sultry and intense humidity it would be advisable to close the shutters.

During the night we can take advantage of the warmer weather to air out all rooms. Open windows and doors in all the rooms, except, of course, the kind of input. This makes it more likely to have current refresh locals. Also open the cabinet doors to store heat. To quickly refresh the rooms before bed we can use a common fan . The trick is to place it in front of a bowl filled with ice. Preparation advance with some special plastic bag. Very helpful practical and economical ceiling fans. Even at low speeds allow to perceive 3 or 4 degrees less.

To refresh your current home collegiate from all devices that produce heat. We use appliances if possible, only in the early morning or late evening. We use bulbs that create less heat, as energy-saving ones. Turn off all the lights when not needed. So remember to turn off everything when we leave the house. We pay attention to the use of the fan at night. Does not it point on the body in a fixed position, but let’s allow to stir the air around us.