How heated our house without air conditioning. We have spoken many times of how to cool our houses in summer . Many people think that the only really effective way is from air conditioners or heat pumps, and the truth is that, in some circumstances, this would be almost the only really effective, especially in poorly designed buildings of cities, where in addition it is very difficult to take corrective measures.

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Leaving aside based heat pumps systems, possibly one of the most interesting ways to relieve heat inside our buildings in the hot summer months are the processes of evaporation. When the relative humidity levels reach certain values ​​and air speed exceeds certain thresholds, we reduce the sensation of heat, it is something like what happens to us when we are near the sea or lake during the summer and runs a light breeze.

How heated our house without air conditioning. There are passive measures that influence the design of our buildings to get you in the summer months drafts occur through evaporation processes to get the room cool slightly, but if we are lucky having these optimized designs today also have simple devices, which are not heat pumps, and to help us acclimatize our buildings by evaporation processes.

For example, today we show an air conditioner that uses the natural principle of evaporation of water, it can produce cool air. This climate, which in our case is called Breezair, works by absorbing hot outside air from a small fan and causing it to pass through a filter moistened with water, thus what is done is that the heat is absorbed air through the evaporation process and thus reduce the temperature, the process is the same that occurs in the famous jugs.

The lower the humidity, the better the performance of the apparatus. That is why these devices work very well in hot, dry climates. Cooling feeling will occur due to several factors, firstly the air entering the building will be reduced thanks to its temperature evaporation processes, and secondly, by applying certain speed air, able to reduce the thermal sensation heat.