The kitchen is one of the areas of the house where usually spend more time and we must take care as much as other rooms as our room or lounge. It is also part of the house and is in a harmonious and pleasant place becomes much more bearable, but how can be the perfect kitchen?

perfect kitchen

If you are decorating your home and you plan to make changes in the kitchen we invite you to keep reading us because possibly this entry will be very interesting. In this case it is very important to seek maximum functionality, we include that everything is for something and not just for decoration.

Kitchen decorated en-modern style

The use of space is essential, especially in small kitchens which must not recharge to work more comfortably and for that, we study different proposals which achieve maximum utilization, both behind the cabinet doors etc. Nobody likes to work without space, so you have to see if you need to redistribute the different elements of the kitchen or even removed if, they are not given too much use, so to save space if our kitchen has high ceilings why not use them?

We can put more vertical cabinets plus styling aspect of this stay. In this case, we would have to place the utensils less used in the top and down every day, looking for full functionality to the furniture. The height of the counter is usually around the meter and a half from the ground and today not be difficult to customize, because there are many firms decoration and kitchens that prepare countertops to our preferences, so we can customize 100% this space of our home.

To work more comfortably, shorten the fact displacements can be very necessary, especially in kitchens that have a larger size. The installation of an island or peninsulas of work may be one of the major solutions to the “problem” of excess space. They help supplement large areas and provide an added functionality.

The layout of modern cuisine follows many of the trends in professional kitchens, such as having a separate area fires, always looking for maximum comfort. For example, so far, we had always seen under the kitchen oven or hob, now, to work more comfortably the oven can be installed in a column to a height of one meter and a half, as the height of the countertop.