The dishwasher is a home appliance essential that there should always be in the kitchen for those who prepare every day meals for 4 to 6 people like or even for a single person. A dishwasher is very useful especially when you invite friends over for dinner or after a family lunch, given the amount of dishes , pots and glasses to wash. Today, several manufacturers offer dishwasher with various features and performance according to our needs. Here for you a short guide that exposes all the facts and figures to keep in mind at the time of purchase of this appliance. These items will be support on choosing the best dish for you! Lets talk about How to Choose a dishwasher.

how to choose a dishwasher

The dishwasher on the market are available in two types: recessed and free installation. The choice of this appliance must keep in mind some important aspects. First you have to take into account the size. They are commercially available dishwasher compact , slim and standard. The dishwasher compact lava between 4 and 6 seats, is ideal for those who are single and have little space. The dishwasher slim measuring 45 cm wide and is perfect for a couple or for those with limited space. This however lava from 8 to 10 seats. The standard measure 55 to 90 cm wide and is suitable for large families as it can hold 12 to 15 seats. The built-in dishwasher is typically the one on which falls the choice since it is integrated into the kitchen furniture. Alternatively the dishwasher free installation can be placed in an environment that offers enough space.

Before choosing a dishwasher it is important to read labels that list the energy class (A to D). This allows you to choose the one compatible with the class (in terms of kilowatts) set in the home. In fact, the modern dishwashers are computerized and can, with special sensors, to perceive the right dosage of clean water. Precisely for this reason they allow a lower energy consumption and definitely save more money. Another item to check before you buy it is to control the operating characteristics. The charge front allows to place two superimposed shelves metal dishware and glass separable into two different baskets so as to avoid breakage (especially the latter) in the phase of washing . The programs essential for a dishwasher are the main one (60 ° -65 ° C) and echo (45 ° -50 ° C). The latter, however, is not suitable for heavily soiled crockery.