Do you have a nightstand in your bedroom and you want to ask yourself a very useful lamp over, but do not know exactly how to choose it? The rooms of your home are pretty dark and you want revivalism with a little ‘more light? Do not worry, this guide is definitely for you! The table lamps contribute, along with the furniture and furnishings, to give to the living areas, a highly distinctive note. The function of a table lamp can be of various kind : purely aesthetic, Illuminati, or both. If you are interested in this topic, below you will learn how to correctly choose the table lamps.

table lamps

First you assessed the style of the surroundings and try to choose a model that well it suits. For example, if you want to insert a lamp in a classic decor, opt for a model just as classic as the Tiffany style lamps, lamps with bases of brass or silver, cloth hats. For decor pop choose lamps with simple lines and modern structure characterized by notes of color or simple steel . As for the ethnic style you opt for natural materials such as wood, cloth color, stones and everything simpler exists in nature. Finally, if you have to choose a lamp post in a country decor, orientate vi simply to hats of Enlightenment made ​​textiles paintings, perhaps in conjunction with curtains or cushions.

Consider where you will stay your lamp, in fact there are table lamps and bedside lamps , the latter tend to have a different style than that batterer lamps in a living room or a dining room; predigest then the most essential lines. Try to orient yourself toward a model that mounts a light bulb which has the appropriate size to the point where it will be installed.

Consider the budget you have at your disposal and the light source you need: twilight, light very light, medium light, light medium strong. Based on these factors you will have to scrupulously See notes of the manufacturer printed on the box or on the tag of the lamp and check the type of power supply (consumption) in parallel with the developed. Keep in mind that if the choice of the lamp as well as for aesthetics is made ​​for functional reasons, buy a light source insufficient may constitute indeed a problem, since many lamp holder are constructed to accommodate a minimum wattage .