Factors to consider when you are about to choose the table for our kitchen are many. The kitchen table, not just a work aesthetic, but also practical, and can be considered as a service element to be used daily to dine, but also to prepare the dishes . In this guide, with a few simple steps, I will show you how to choose the table to the kitchen, providing also all the necessary information and some useful tips to follow in order to make the right choice . So let’s see how to choose the kitchen table.

kitchen table

First of all, before you choose the table true and right, you need to decide the point of the room in which it will be placed. After that, you’ll have to decide also its features. The floor must be resistant to accidental impacts, such as a pot slips of the hand can go to scratch the surface, the action of aggressive substances such as detergents, vinegar, juice of lemon or coffee . The kitchen table must also be highly resistant to stress, must be solid and have the stems firm and steadfast. For example, if we want to devote to the preparation of homemade pasta, bread or biscuits, you will need to use the table under a firm pressure to knead and roll out the dough.

It goes without saying that the choice of a glass is not advisable. Instead it is more suitable and common the choice of a wooden table solid. Very useful alternatives are also the steel and the resin, materials which well meet the criterion of robustness and strength. The plastic is a possibility, especially in the case in which both the material which is best suited to the rest of the furniture of the kitchen, but we must consider that the plastic can scratch very easily and thus is not the most suitable material.

In choosing the shape of the table , there are no special instructions to follow, it all depends on personal taste and the conformation of the same kitchen . In the particular case in which the table is to be blended with a wall or a corner of the room, will be preferred forms rectangular or square, so as to optimize the space available. The elliptical shapes or round may be suitable for a table to be placed at the center of the kitchen . By following these helpful and easy steps will get to choose the right table for your kitchen.