Before buying a rug for the bathroom, you must consider several details, as each mat has specific characteristics. That is why you need to choose a bath mat that is waterproof, and the damage that is durable over time. Fortunately, in the market there are a good variety of carpets you can find them in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Here’s how to choose the rugs for the bathroom.

how to choose

The bath mats are usually very simple and normally are realized both in chenille, which in cotton . Cotton is the most common type of fabric, because it has excellent properties which contribute to its quality durable. The material is also quite thin and allows easy drying; its subtlety also allows an easy cut that ensures a perfect fit for whatever your ideal fit. These rugs are available in a wide range of colors. The carpets Cotton bath, however, are subject to damage gradual, in case they are not properly dried after being wet.

The chenille bath mats are made of materials such as acrylic, rayon and polypropylene, which are exclusively artificial. The main quality of these bath mats is that they are highly durable; this property is due to the fact that the materials are not damaged by direct contact with the water constant.

The bamboo rugs are widely appreciated because they have excellent quality . There are varieties of carpets which, although not specifically designed for the bath are adjusted the same; the carpets Kelim for example, are some of the best carpets alternative can safely be used for bathing. These rugs can be of Chinese origin, Persian, Turkish or Indian. As the cotton rugs, carpets Kelim have excellent properties , they can be dry cleaned and have a longer lifespan.

The bath mats to put in front of the tank, however, have different characteristics, as they require a non-slip base and a material that absorbs water easily; tissues are most recommended in the towel and cotton, because they absorb water quickly and are very easy to clean. You can also purchase a mat made ​​of ecological bamboo and viscose. Most rugs for the bathroom, can be machine washed. To be sure though. Before washing the carpet it is necessary to consult the washing instructions on the label.