If you are building your home or if you plan to give a new personality to the walls of the rooms, you may want to consider wallpaper . It is a way to decorate the house that is making a comeback with new life thanks to the recent turn in the sense of vintage fashion and design. Choose a wallpaper is more complicated than the simple choice of plaster , because together we will choose both the color and the texture that the decorative motif. How can you find?


There are also online stores of wallpaper that offer the service rendering, then they show you a room with furniture fixed and you choose the wallpaper for the various walls , so you can see the performance of large area. The best method, however, remains that of the sample. You’d better go to a specialist shop and advise from a vendor.

Attention! If you want to use the wallpaper, take into account the possible combinations. You can use it for example on a few walls, and other use of the plaster with coloration ton or contrast. If you decide to coat wallpaper the living room or the dining room, you’ll have to overcome the terrible “scourge” of the backs of chairs littering the wall at the same level, and should be a mess or worse tear the wallpaper. Guests can opt for a coating wood panels in the background of the wall, with a molded edge, and wallpaper at the top. Depending on whether you choose the part of simple wooden beads painted white, gnarled or cherry inlaid panels, and the paper damask, vertical stripes or stylized flowers, you will have completely different effects.

To choose your wallpaper you must: Choose your style: turn, browse, request, copy. A magazine can give you a starting point, a website show a thousand options, a local give you inspiration, but eventually ask yourself: “I want my living room look like a patio of a house by the sea or a ballroom of Versailles?”. The offer certainly does not fail, it’s up to you to choose geometries that give light, or which cause a sophisticated tone, or texture that suggest opulence and luxury alternatives fantasies that make you feel that “an artist lives here.”