Coffee accompanies our day ever since its inception. You drink long, narrow, bitter, spotted, sweet, soluble, at home or at the bar is still a little time in which no one feels give up, practically a inalienable right of man! And as such it should be lived with great participation . But unless you contact the bar of trust , whose coffee is a guarantee for us, we see how to choose the coffee machine, in order to be able to drink a delicious, even at home.

coffee machine

In venture purchase of the coffee machine , we need to know some things, have well understood our needs. Excluding the classic mocha, the old traditional machine, we explore the world of machines that promise a coffee very similar to that of the bar . Let us entrust ourselves first of all to a dealer, a store that can provide assistance and guarantee over time. Make online purchases often convenient, the prices are incredibly low, but especially when you buy from the foreign market we encounter not a few drawbacks: one of all that instruction often not in Italian, as well as the heavy discomfort of not being able to buy the spare parts required, or they can receive the appropriate assistance of a technician. So we choose to spend a little more, but we do a safe purchase.

When you find the product that seems more suited to our needs, always check on the machine that we want to buy, the presence of a mark of quality recognized officially stating that the machine have been made ​​strict tests and have been successfully overcome .

Another point to note at the time of purchase, but also when they return home, in the maintenance of the machine, is the ‘water factor’. Decisive for a good coffee , water and its pressure can really determine the taste. Then we verify that the pressure of the machine is between 12 and 15 bar in order to reach an optimal result , and especially to choose a machine that is equipped with boiler resistant to limestone, possibly in stainless steel , brass or aluminum. And since the savings are important to orient the choice of a machine equipped with automatic shut-off and that is also able to accommodate capsules ‘compatible’ in order to save, regularly, a few euro more.