A problem with which housewives are constantly struggling is cleaning the windows . Often, in fact, the windows remain halos or the glass, after much elbow grease, is not very bright. A glass table requires more maintenance and care than other types of glass because the annoying food stains or greasy fingers dirty with the most frequency . Fortunately also the table of glass more dirt and grease can be cleaned effectively and above all spending little money. We see in this guide how to clean a glass table.

how to clean

First, the table must be free of any object. The first thing to do is clean off any dust that has settled on the table. The best way to remove dust is to use a microfiber cloth: in the market there are special cloths for cleaning objects and surfaces in glass ; these are identified by a symbol on the packaging that sets them apart from the other cloths for cleaning surfaces.

The table can be cleaned in two ways depending on the financial resources and time that you want to invest. The first solution provides for the purchase of a detergent suitable purchasable at any supermarket while the second involves the use of home made ​​products, and then at a very low cost. This second solution is also recommended to those who pay attention to environmental protection. The compound we can do yourself at home is achieved in a very simple: you must combine water (about half of the compound), vinegar, of ‘alcohol (in the case of very delicate better to avoid the latter) and few drops of lemon. If you have available a spray bottle, fill it with the newly created solution and a bit on the glass. They will then make circular motions with the microfiber cloth specifically for glass surfaces.

Once our table is clean, whether it is clean with the products of the supermarket that with the homemade product, you have to take sheets of newspaper and dry the table doing, even in this case of circular movements. These have the capacity to make our table sleeker. One important thing: use sheets of newspapers that are not rigid as those of magazines. Throughout the cleaning it is important not to expose the table to sunlight to prevent the surface will create those annoying halos typical of glass .