The soft office chair fabric are very comfortable, clean but can be a real challenge. Unfortunately this type of chair is not like the ones that we normally use, covered in washable fabric and steam, using the accessory to clean the carpets. Office chairs require special attention , since even the only rub with soap and water could damage the coating and make rust the metal parts . Here’s how to clean properly an office chair .

office chair

The creators of some laundry soaps, have created specific products for fabrics and upholstery that will clean and deodorize them perfectly. For chairs that have a bad odor , a product like this is great for both clean the fabric , that to remove odors. Moisten the fabric carefully with a damp, not too wet the cloth . Spray the product carefully in the chair and clean it gently with a clean , damp cloth. Remove excess moisture with a dry cloth and repeat the process until the chair appears to be clean.

If your budget does not allow you to buy a product to clean the upholstery, power achieve alone a mild detergent for your office chair . Use a dish soap mixed in a small bowl of water hot: it is an excellent cleanser for all chairs that can be cleaned using water. Apply the product sparingly, using a damp cloth. Instead of rub up and down, applied the soap with a circular motion. Continue to rinse in this way until all the soap has been removed, then dry the area with a towel.

Take a sponge (or brush) and moisten in a bucket containing water and a dish washing detergent. Let mixture stand booby chair and rinsed after several minutes, using a jet of water strong as that of a garden hose, making sure that the water is to be clear before finishing. Remove excess water by running your hands with a lot of pressure on the chair. Once the top is completely dry, flip the chair, so that even the ground to dry completely. Use a vacuum cleaner or a brush with soft bristles to clean deep into the fibers of the fabric, as they can be compacted during the process of washing or drying.