Is it really possible to clean house in 10 minutes ? Keep a clean and tidy, sometimes, it becomes a real stress for anyone who is on the run and living a busy life. But, most importantly, what to do if the guests arrive sudden and we only few minutes to clean house? Simple, with 10 minutes you have plenty of time to organize the cleaning of the house easy and fast, so as not to panic in these embarrassing moments. Here’s some advice to learn how to clean house in just 10 minutes !

How to clean house in 10 minutes

1. Take a ladder of priorities for the environments to clean: the first thing to do is to understand what are the rooms that are most in need of pilizia. If you have any friends to dinner, give priority to those environments where you will spend the evening, especially the living room and the bathroom.

how to clean house

2. To clean house enrolled “aid”: with a little ‘fantasy, transformed cleaning the house in a game so that your children will help, in their small, at least in the arrangement of toys. If, however, you do not have children there is always the right partner or the unfailing help of her mother. This way you can save time and effort, and managed to find a few minutes of rest to devote to yourself.

3. Do not forget the windows: clean house and even more the glass, can seem like a chore and superficial, but clean the windows will help to give the light of the environment, especially if you have kids and dogs in the house. Hand prints and signs of “nose” at the windows stand out, giving a feeling of neglect.

4. Dust the TV: 10 minutes may not be enough to clean an entire house, but dusting one of the objects that people notice more could be effective: the tv. It is always good to avoid that television and the console on which it is placed, are not dusty. Just pass a simple cloth and voila, in a moment will be clean.

5. Gather the hair of your four-legged friends: The cloths capture dust is perfect for collecting hair, dust and pet hair, especially if you like the parquet floor, on which we see often create small balls of dust. Having a clean floor helps give a more shining the house.

6. Win the battle against the bathroom: if the bathroom is the most difficult environment of the house and with just a few minutes you can not fix it, you begin to clean up all the mirrors and any stains or splattering toothpaste scattered. Then arranged the disorder from main shelf and give a quick clean the table of the water. The bathroom messy or neat little is one of the environments that can immediately give a negative impression, and that is fine with particular care during cleaning.

7. Beware of towels: when you have guests at home, remember to replace the towels that you normally use with the other clean. Especially if you have children you can leave imprinted stains of all kinds. Clean towels, then, are a sign of care and cleaning of the entire house.

8. Give a straightened fast: pay attention to magazines and books scattered in the living room and try to arrange them neatly on a shelf or in the library. In this way you do not give that sense of the general confusion to your home.

9. Let shine the kitchen: if the kitchen is the place where fun to cook with friends, you do find clean the stove, sink and taps. A tap polished looks much nicer and pleasant one covered with water stains. Also make sure to tidy up your home appliances and decor of the environment so as to communicate a sense of order.

10.Do not be always be a deodorant for the house: to give a feeling of cleanliness and freshness general, you can not leave out the air freshener. A house fragrant, in fact, presents itself immediately as a clean house and treated in detail.