The plastic tablecloths are really useful because they make so that the table, during use, will not become dirty with the drinks and foods, and at the same time protects it from possible scratches. Their use is ideal in the home and, in so particularly when there are children. In fact, they are useful (as well as for meals: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) for them to play and to make it do the tasks of the school without risking that the table surface is not damaged in any way.

plastic tablecloths

The main advantage of these tablecloths is that they are waterproof and washable so pretty easy, even with the only use of a sponge and a greaser (can happen, however, that there are also spots hostile and more difficult to remove). If you have trouble removing, once and for all, rather annoying stains on your tablecloth plastic, this guide may be for you. In fact, I will try to list them and let you know how to clean the plastic tablecloths.

The most common stains on plastic tablecloths are of drinks and food or colors (such as, for example, markers) or ink pen. To be able to clean, in a satisfactory manner, it is necessary to specify use of the products for each type of dirt (such as, for example, ammonia, sodium bicarbonate , alcohol and eraser, etc …).

We now try to describe the various types of methods to clean a tablecloth plastic. To remove stains of food and drinks, the best product to use is ammonia that cleans deeply and that, in particular , does not corrode the surface . This type of product has to be, however, diluted to about 60/80% with water. The application is performed directly on the surface of the tablecloth and, below, you rub lightly with a sponge. If the stain releases a halo, then immediately proceed with the baking soda dry, which exerts an abrasive, able to remove also this last drawback. If dirt stains are quite intense and difficult to remove, as in the case of pen ink and / or markers, then the alcohol is the ideal solution for the first, while for the second, you should use vinegar to eliminate a good part.

To end, after leaving a bit ‘components act on the tablecloth and, in particular, on the spots, the latter must be thoroughly removed with a dry cloth. If with all this, the ink marks were only faded and, therefore, have not disappeared completely, then with patience, we can remove them with an eraser. Next, using a cloth soaked in slightly beeswax , rub over the entire surface of the tablecloth, to make so that it is again clean and shiny.