Among the many accessories in daily use in the kitchen, the toaster is one of the simplest to use, resulting in many cases essential. In fact, through this small appliance you can quickly resolve the problem of the room when you have little time available. But the toaster can also be great for toasting bread for breakfast, or to prepare a snack in the afternoon. Whatever its use is necessary to conduct its regular cleaning to keep it in perfect order; In this regard, in this guide you will be shown how to clean the toaster effectively.

how to clean

First it should indicate how to clean a modern toaster has become a fairly simple task to accomplish, especially due to the fact that most of the models are equipped with a handy removable bottom, on which end up settling both the crumbs any food residue. Removing that element, rinsing with a little water and putting it to dry, will perfectly clean. You must consider, however, that the toaster needs a clean deeper, to be performed with a certain regularity , to prevent the accumulation of many bacteria. Any cleaning has as its object the toaster should only be performed when it is turned off; its plug also has to be removed from the socket.

Before you start make sure it is cold, then remove the clamps that are used to insert the toast (they are usually 2); these clamps will be washed with detergent for dishes. In some cases the handles (plastic) can be removed; This allows you to wash the remaining part in the dishwasher . If the clamps are particularly dirty, so that not leave them to soak for several hours it proves sufficient, it is possible to resort to a specific spray for the cleaning of the oven. A tip is to also clean the outside of which, in addition to presenting definitely dust, will probably some fingerprint. To do so will be sufficient to use a damp cloth and a little detergent (pick one mild), avoiding products that cause a lot of foam.

All cleaned parts must be dried carefully, so that they can not rust. Avoid washing the inside of the toaster (the slots which house the pliers); just in case you perceive a smell you can use a damp cloth and then squeezed to perfection, passing it gently along the walls . Perform this operation by placing the toaster upside down, so that the water will not get to drip on the bottom. Finished resort to paper towels to dry.