The cozy and charming carpet, used to coat the floors elegantly, is proving an extremely versatile piece of furniture, but just as delicate. Its duration is closely correlated to an aircraft maintenance, which requires a meticulous cleansing and continues to be carried out on a daily basis, in order to avoid the formation of dust, dust mites, as well as any substance capable of producing allergic reactions. In addition to convenient vacuum cleaner with filter and the appropriate wash-carpet, able to ensure a more thorough neatness, will prove suited other methods to eliminate accidental stains and clean up with immediacy this specific tissue. Lets talk about how to clean up the carpet from stains.

how to clean

The main rule to remove any signs of dirt, will require you to limit the range of dabbing without friction, which could inevitably lead to the expansion of the stained surface. The patches of mud, will be the most classic and among the easiest to remove, preparing a mixture of water and vinegar to dab with a cloth. The latter component mixed with alcohol in a proportion of 50%, also erase the stains of coffee that are formed frequently in precious lounges. For the spilled beer, you can take advantage of a flap of tissue soaked in carbonated mineral water .

The halo of wine may be suitably removed, using a solution of natural water and peroxide in equal parts. Ice cream and soft drinks, you cleanse with a specific shampoo diluted, to rinse at the end of the procedure. If the carpet was dripped blood, you will have to act quickly by blotting with a small rag completely clean and dry, then by another drenched in white vinegar . In the case of lipstick stains or enamel will used sparingly and cautiously the nail polish remover.

For the common ink, at first you will be supported from the blotter solution to eliminate the substance, then cold mineral water, to rewash finally with that warm. To remove the sticky and tenacious gum, need surround them with the bags full of ice that will harden the mass to be removed, to be crushed later, and then collect the fragments with a vacuum cleaner. The wax will be left to cool, then scraped off with a spoon and then covered with a paper towel on which to spend wisely a hot iron, that will dissolve and then deposited on the paper strip.