With the growing increase in activities outside the home, turns out to be more and more reduced the time available to deal with cleaning housewives, despite the feeling of pleasant smell of clean is essential for the majority of people, along with the more or less conscious desire to want to see shine glass, gleaming floors and benefit from the total absence of dust around. E ‘therefore essential, for these reasons, to find a solution compatible with all the rest, which allows you to organize and plan every cleaning to get the best results in the shortest time and with minimum physical effort . Will be established, first of all, the work to be carried out in different time spans, respectively, every day, one time per week or with suitable time. As for the daily work, making beds, sweeping, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, in particular toilet, and kitchen, especially the stove , are those essential to maintain a high degree of livability of the house. This article will show you also some tricks on how to clean your home .

how to clean your home

In the morning, immediately open the windows to ventilate the room; in the meantime go to the bathroom, and when you are sure that all they have used, proceed to cleaning. If you make breakfast and do not have time to wash the dishes, pass just under the water, so it will be easier to wash them when you return home . At this point you go in the room, prepare and make the bed. I recommend you prepare the night before washing machines and having them leave before you leave home, so when you return, you can stretch out and withdraw any dry cloths. In the evening, eat, and wash any dishes of the day that you have previously only rinsed under water; swept the floor and … relax! It ‘also important to make a schedule of “spring cleaning” as dusting, washing windows, change the sheets etc. This way you will avoid accumulating these jobs and having to play in a hurry at the last minute.

But what are the best products to clean? It ‘important to always use the hot water that will help dissolve stains. Among the best detergents there is alcohol which, in addition to its cleaning properties, it dries too quickly and you will save a lot of time! It ‘important to use different sponges for different areas of the house (it would be unpleasant to clean the kitchen with the sponge bath …) and keep them constantly clean. They are also very useful both baking soda (especially on white surfaces) and vinegar. Baking soda helps eliminate unpleasant odors of refrigerators, furniture and carpets, and can be used to clean almost anything (except unpainted wood and aluminum). The vinegar instead, is great for cleaning all washable surfaces of the house, such as glass. Do not underestimate the classic soap of Marseille , not only as spotting, but also for the cleaning of wood. It is enough to dissolve a bit ‘in a basin of warm water and renew your doors. If you want to use the classic detergents, I recommend you use products that, in addition to clean, disinfect, especially if you have pets or children at home.