If your doormat is already a bit old or if you have tired of reading the classic “Welcome” every time you get home, pay attention. Today we will explain how easy it can be to customize your mat. We tell you some ideas so you can decorate it your way and it is perfect and very original. Keep reading and you will see. To put into practice any of the suggestions that we offer you today you do not have to be an expert with the crafts or the painting. These works so simple are within reach of anyone.


Ideas with paint to personalize your mat

Decorating a doormat with paint can be fun and easy to do. What good is the handling of the brush? Make the drawing that you like the most your way. What are you not very with the painting? Then use the stencil technique to achieve success. There is no design that resists a good template. In any case, we are going to give you some recommendations that will help you personalize your doormat with much grace. Here’s a really simple project to customize your doormat. If you want to get a funny and colorful note on the door of your house, nothing like decorating a dull and boring mat with these diagonal stripes.

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To do it well you can use the technique of reservations, which is the easiest to put into practice. You will need, in addition to the mat in question (smooth, without drawings, of course), body tape or plastic (better if it is wide) acrylic paint of the colors you like and a spatula or a brush of hard bristles. Begin by deciding what color you are going to paint diagonal stripes. One idea is to combine two colors as in the images, where white and coral pink has been used. In any case, you can give wings to your creativity and choose the colors that suggest you, be one or more.

Once everything is well covered, you will have to paint the stripes in the chosen colors. Keep in mind that the very texture of the mat makes this task difficult. You will have to go slowly, making sure that the paint is inserted between the fibers. Paint the stripes to your liking let dry and your doormat is ready!

But how to write something and that we are perfect? Very simple: using a template and stenciling the area to be painted. The first thing you have to do is decide what message you are going to write on the doormat. Obviously, it has to be something very short and direct. Once you are clear, print with the computer and printer the letters to the right size. Then empty with a cutter the inside of each letter to get you the template you will need later.

Now you just have to hold this template on the mat in the corresponding place and stencil the letter in question. The best thing to do is to cut a round brush of hard bristles and thus you will have a good brushing brush. Once you’ve removed the template, you can make the necessary retouching. We have already talked about the difficulty of getting the paint to penetrate between the fibers of the mat. With a little patience, you will get it.

One of the keys to personalizing your doormat is that you can choose the design that you like the most from an almost infinite variety: geometric motifs, Chevron stripes triangles, amusing eyes, moles and moles, letters and messages, etc.