We ended the challenge of The House of the year and the month of March we look at our kitchens. Large or small spaces but with something in common: great taste. So we’ll see our blogger proposals to exploit the available space and maintain order, which is essential in the kitchen. Lets talk about how to decorate a kitchen.

It is also a great opportunity to see how the small details help us to renew our house. For example put some shelves in the area of the office, put some plants as an urban garden or recycle cans to put the cutlery are key to give a new look to our kitchen without spending too much.

how to decorate a kitchen

Let’s see 10 kitchens to help us change our and find the best inspiration.

1. We start with the blog Helps Decorate , one of our most faithful blogger and shows us a kitchen in white and wood, where they have sought solutions to earn a few extra space. She tells us that the room is small but very bright, since it has a large window.

At the bottom of the kitchen has chosen removable and drawers to keep order in a much easier way. We also find that the walls have been maximized for utensils, cups, knives.

2. Secondly, a much larger kitchen with a center island that is to dream . While it is true that many do we have so little space, it is interesting to look at the small details like the cans to put silverware, a large shopping for fresh produce or how it was painted slate front.

In the images we see how the kitchen is integrated into the rest of the house, even the rack in the hall is located in the same. Under the window to keep this space have been located two bars for textiles and household goods.

3. Decorate ideas we sample a kitchen with a plant in L which makes it more complicated when planning. With beige tiles and furniture in orange and black give much light. Also has also used the wall to save space.

That in one of the kitchens where more importance is given to the decoration of the walls. Wall and sheets to brighten the decor of the entire stay.

4. The orange transmits vitality and energy, so it is used in many kitchens as in the drawer Vintage Your blog which combines wood and white. As she herself says, it seems incredible but already has nine years and recognizes that what most searches functionality is.