Of all the rooms in the home the bathroom is one of the most important. For this reason it is necessary to treat not only for the members of the house, but also to all guests who definitely will go from there. To know how to decorate a bathroom pink color need to follow some advice, since not all colors are fine. Obviously it depends on the tastes, but we say that some universally precautions should be made, so do not make the room too dull or too whimsical. In the following guide, you can read so many ideas to decorate a pink bathroom and some basic advice to always apply.

pink bathroom

To furnish a bathroom rose must respect a few small strategy . First of all absolutely prohibited the tone on tone, as this play of colors tends to shrink an environment and this should not be applied to the bath which, on the contrary, gives more the idea of space and will be more easy and convenient. Yes to mirrors , maybe elaborate wrought iron, because they marry well with every color and in particular with the pink, which attracts a great deal of vintage style. Possibly avoid the orange to the last detail, as is the color that lends itself less to the combination with the pink. Yes instead to brown and dark colors like black or metallic gray. For those who love red should be careful: suitable tone cherry but inadequate carmine. These small steps are important to furnish a pink bathroom.

For those who want to decorate a bathroom pink and has a romantic taste, sweet and old, a perfect touch of vintage . This can be obtained not only with mirrors wrought iron but also of wicker baskets for linens (perfect ones with the pink cloth woven inside, perhaps with delicious flakes), towels with embroidered initials and curtains that can be tied to the sides of the windows with the heavy flakes. The color white is risky, since it could give the place a character too aseptic. Recommended instead a dark brown that creates contrast yet goes well the pink bathroom.

For those who want to furnish a pink bathroom and instead has a more eccentric taste, recommended electric blue. This can be put in pretty potpourri with flower petals from the blue tones of various chromatic scales. So how can you use in choosing the stencil to apply the tiles or even hang in the towel. The important thing is that it is used little and in the visual strategies right in small details, such as the toothbrush holder, or in the color of the robe. Finally one last tip : before revolutionize the pink bathroom equip yourself with a color table and do the combinations, sometimes when you imagine an outcome does not always correspond to the reaction that takes place in reality, which is why you must try.