Studies apartments usually are usually so small that furnish them and decorate them be a little difficult due to limited space he will face in the process. So we decorate these types of apartments intelligently so that it does not look cluttered or crowded, making it more comfortable and spacious Ideas for decorating studio apartments There are some tricks and tips that you can implement in your design studio interior if you perceive it look bigger and more spacious. Let’s talk about how to decorate a studio apartment.

The first thing to consider when decorating a studio apartment is the arrangement of furniture. The furniture in this case should be minimalist, small, slender and thin. These parts should be selected to never consume much space. One more thing to consider is that you should never put too much furniture in his apartment. – It is necessary to ensure that all are multifunctional furniture, such as a single table to do as a desk and dining table or sofa it becomes bed or I expanded rapidly.

how to decorate a studio apartment

Using folding table that can expand when you have guests to eat, is a good choice. If you believe that any cabinet offers no particular utility, it is best to discard it for use in the study. – As for the color of the walls in a studio apartment, do not use more than two colors because as a place of dimensions small, too many colors will make you look cluttered and dark. The color should be the fundamental basis for seeking to expand the space and provide lots of light tool. – If you want to give privacy to some area of the apartment, you will get with the use of screens or partitions. – A mirror is the next thing that you can carry in this apartment. A large mirror or several small mirrors placed strategically can make you feel a little lighter and somewhat larger space. If you like a more modern style furniture decoration, metal or glass tables can visually expand the space. – Storage is one of the important things you need. If you have a lot of books and magazines collection and do not know what to do with them, you may need to think about installing a storage area. And as always here is a video