There is no best part of a happy child on his birthday , when, surrounded by friends and relatives , you can blow out the candles and gifts unwrapped, with the knowledge of becoming “bigger”. Often birthdays are celebrated at the restaurant, but it happens quite often not to be satisfied with the service that we offer local, because, while paying much higher sums, we are left with a thousand limitations to consider: what could be better then who celebrate in the privacy of their own home, without constraints, and why not, saving on costs? If you have an open space then, that’s it: you just need to know how to decorate the garden for a birthday.

how to decorate

First we need to calculate the number of guests, so that there are too many people in too small a space is also necessary to understand if among the guests there are sensitive subjects such as children , the elderly or people with allergies to certain plants. For children we have to set up an area where there are dangerous objects, such as stones or very sharp glass shards. Thus to provide some games, such as the slides in plastic or some small swing and games in box. If we have some blankets or mats soft rubber, let’s put them available to small along with the small chairs and tables where to lean eating and drinking. The streamers and balloons all rigorously colored. If we can put a small stereo with CDs of children’s music or songs typical for the baby dance.

For older people, we choose an area of the garden is not too exposed to the sun, easy access and if you are holding a gazebo with mosquito net, settle here of cushioned chairs or swings garden and a nice table to leave hand food and drink. The gazebo is the center or shelter in the garden and then diamondback all with matching table, some plants and colorful garlands in the shape of flowers, so as not to deviate from the environment around us.

The outline of the garden should contain some chairs, porch swings possible in shadow areas and nearby tables, all decorated with festoons, always strictly colored balloons. If the party continues even in the evening, we place around lanterns solar led lights, choosing the ones that we own terms, on the market there are a multitude of varieties. In the top of the gazebo, instead we put a lantern battery of upper beam; Good luck and have fun.