Having a garden is a great way to spend time outdoors and take advantage of a space to do festivals with friends and relatives. Often, however, the garden furniture is extremely expensive. This guide will teach you how to decorate the garden with old pallets that can be found in fruit and vegetable farms or on other holdings completely free.

the garden

The old pallets, are ideal for creating a raised wooden floor, suitable for an area where you can easily install a gazebo with tables and chairs. This idea, to decorate the garden , in particular proves very functional as it protects people from the damp ground after sudden rains, or by washing the gazebo and its components. In addition, the pallets can be decorated and painted with a painting specifically for the garden. Thus, it will become a much sought after choice of furniture and customized according to your tastes.

The pallets, being of rectangular or square shape and relatively thick (about one centimeter), can be assembled to create the tables. Processes for pallets tables will simply need to place four feet support. The space below can be used to retain, in an orderly way, the tools for the maintenance of flower beds, garden and hedge, or to realize the planters. The pallets also can also become a valuable tool for providing support for climbing plants large. In fact, the structure is in the form of a grid mesh that, positioned vertically, can create the classic fence typical of an English garden. In this case, the pallets can be fixed to the ground with the appropriate screws or with cement, after obviously dug on the perimeter concerned a deep trench about ten centimeters.

The use of pallets to decorate the garden, not just limited to what has been listed. In fact, if placed upside down can create a very large box, in which you can add more soil. The pallets can be exploited so used as containers to grow some vegetables. The pallets are also ideal for creating the spacers outside the house, in contact with the garden. This option can be particularly useful to avoid to penetrate moisture from the soil. The function of the pallets , in this case, is to become an interspace, and at the same time, can serve as support base for plants in pots and boxes.