If we have a kitchen rustic type, the ideal is to furnish it with furniture, then beliefs and appliances with built- in wooden supports or masonry. The condition precludes the use of wall and then decorated with a different design , taking advantage of the walls for hanging shelves, and possibly derive niches directly on their surface. In this guide we see, therefore, how to decorate the kitchen without the use of wall cabinets.

how to decorate the kitchen

If, therefore, in a corner positioning a cupboard with the typical form, we get a piece of furniture that allows us to exploit it in the low to preserve pasta and scatological, while the upper part for storing dishes, cups and glasses. Obviously we refer to a belief Compact type with four wings off the base, 4 on top, and in the center as many drawers, these profits to contain cutlery, tablecloths and small utensils kitchen .

As for appliances and accessories such as the kitchen and the sink, under the direction of the two (if they are in masonry) can enter the doors or curtains with colored laces, if the style is kind of shabby chic . The available space on the remaining walls , can then be used to support copper pots and terracotta or porcelain containers decorated inside with spices, biscuits and other products like flour and bread crumbs. The support can take place both with shelves that with specially formed recesses in the wall, and provided with shelves in masonry or wood. However, for a more aesthetic touch, instead of a cabinet, is not bad to insert a plate rack, which in addition to be useful for the support of various ornaments and decorated plates including, doubles as a stylish complement of furniture of our kitchen.

At this point, after placing in a corner of the refrigerator without any external structure, and then to not recessed but of conventional type, or by fitting it with an upper base wood to be exploited as a compartment for the support of seedlings and recipe books, not We just have to finish the kitchen, including in the context of the table (a refectory) and the chairs, and then applied to the walls remained free, the paintings of still life and vases with fresh seedlings climbing or plastic. To complete the decor elegantly rustic or shabby chic, we can hang from the ceiling a chandelier wrought iron or porcelain, and colorful curtains and transparent to the window or balcony.