The moment we decide to invite someone into our home of our friends. The order of the house has to be impeccable. The piece of furniture that we see now is certainly the table . This must be well decorated with any object that presents a touch of elegance . For a romantic dinner, or for important guests, the table must always be perfect, giving a touch of style. Decorations ideal for these occasions, are undoubtedly the flowers. But be careful not to transform the environment in a sort of colorful mess and too perfumed, impractical and uncomfortable to talk. If you are interested in this topic, below you will be explained in a more clear and understandable as possible, how to decorate the table with flowers.

how to decorate the table

First choose the flowers that do not give off a strong smell, may adversely. Consider the presence of persons with allergies to pollen , certainly if you are invited to dinner or lunch suffering, it has not been a very good idea to embellish the table with flowers, mostly touch you, of course, clean up everything and get fresh air the room well before proceeding with the culinary courses.

Keep in mind two fundamental factors shape of the table and the space available in order to avoid creating imbalance with the environment and obstruct your view of diners, it prefers compositions low in central areas of the table, and compositions for the high end. In addition, for small spaces and rectangular tables you can create a single central flower arrangement or two compositions of medium – small to be positioned centrally in each half of the table . If, instead, the table is impressive, enough space and enough table to form circular, you can create flower arrangements medium – large to be placed one every 3 seats.

Choose flowers that you can match the tablecloths or that recall the reason characteristic of the set of dishes or glasses, in case it would be too difficult, you can choose flowers in neutral colors that combine easily with everything, such as daisies, calla and lilies. Remember, however, to leave space for the flowers that you will need to place the last moment to keep them as fresh as possible.