Choose appropriate lighting for our home is a very important and it is not as simple as you may think. The choice must be careful: in fact the lighting is not a project that should be a secondary consideration when we decide to illuminate a room in the house, the more so when it comes to the reading area, the part of the house where we relax and read a good book. Nothing can be left to chance and even then the light: every room must be lit based on the task will be carried out in it, for example, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom). Then, we wonder how we can illuminate the area without reading a wrong amount and distribution of light can create areas very much in shadow or dazzling? Let’s read together the steps of this guide will give you some useful information to make our warm and cozy reading corner .


Areas reading should be well lit especially to safeguard the health of our eyes. When reading, the eyes are focused primarily on the pages of the manuscript that we have in our hands, and erroneously think that illuminate only the area of interest is enough to keep them from too much strain. It is absolutely not so because the eye, if distracted from the area where there is light, it must work hard to adapt to the surrounding areas that are gray areas or different lighting. The iris, in fact, is forced to expand and contract to accommodate different brightness doing so an effort even greater than it already does with the read-only, namely to focus the pages.

Whether a study, a living room or a corner of a room, all the places dedicated to reading must be well lit. It is advisable to install a direct light, which illuminates the most of our position, and an indirect light that illuminates the surrounding environment. This allows you to have a perfect setting for reading and our eyes, avoiding fatigue them too.

The lighting fitting should consist of a lamp swivel table if the reading in which we are intent requires a particular concentration, and then it comes to illuminate mainly a plan, such as a desk. If you are intent in a more relaxed, and then the location might be the be sitting comfortably on the sofa, it is recommended that a lamp with a base on the ground nearby. It, with its structure standing, guarantees direct illumination angle reading but also the entire environment is not causing shadows. It is always advisable to illuminate the environment by creating relaxation only the soft lighting in the area that interests us.