In case of fire, the smoke is one of the causes of death and damage to health. To ensure the safety in case in case of fire there found some specific devices. They are called smoke detectors and have the task of raising the alarm in a timely manner. The task of the smoke detectors so is to save our lives. Since the devices are part of a security system must meet the requirements dictated by the European standard. The effectiveness of smoke detectors is in the speed and velocity of the audible alarm. In cases of fire, the percentage of deaths due to harmful gases of smoking is very high. The smoke traveling in air moves quickly making very rapid intoxication. In this guide we will see how to install a smoke detector .

how to install a smoke detector

The minimum number of smoke detectors to be installed in a building is at least one plan. For added security you prefer to install a smoke detector to environment. We can install them in those environments in which we estimate is more likely the development of a fire . Knowing that the smoke never reaches the corners of an environment we have to install smoke detectors in the middle of our room. We must place the smoke detector in the ceiling with a minimum distance from walls and other obstacles of at least 50 cm. We must not install smoke detectors in damp environments such as bathrooms, and dusty.

For installation we must follow the directives contained in the instructions of the manufacturer of the detection of smoke. These devices require a constant maintenance, at least once a month. The device is also controlled at every change of battery and after a prolonged absence. The replacement of a smoke detector occurs after the time of life indicated by the manufacturer and after any fire.

Now we begin to mount our plant smoke detection . First, we locate the place in which to install the smoke detector. Without this we take the measures between the two holes on the back of the unit. In this way we can bring the right steps on the ceiling that will serve as a guide for drilling holes in the ceiling. Serve up a drill, practice of the holes in the ceiling at the marked previously. Now we take the screws supplied by the manufacturer with the device, and we tighten the smoke detector on the ceiling. Our plant smoke detection is ready!