Environments, both in our homes and in the places where we work or otherwise spend time, will be lit in order to harmonize the environment, create the right atmosphere , and above all, to provide lighting suited , needed in various areas , depending on the type of activities that we are going to play. Here’s how to illuminate a room.

The dining area requires a strong light which may be created, with the aid of a chandelier from the ceiling , placed above the table, or alternatively, making use of floor lamps, the latter will have to be styled with the decor and possibly with brightness adjustment . The living area, however, where you will find the sofas or armchairs, will need a lighting diffuse parallel to the aid of more dim lights, useful to ensure hours of relaxing, watching TV or listening to music maybe.

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In the bedroom we will need two forms of lighting, central chandelier or alternatively floor, but we could also avail of spotlights perimeter , situated in a setting of plaster ceiling, with adjustable intensity thanks to the installation of specific switches . Also, if there are any furniture or toilet small desks, we will provide the same lighting, while in closets, we will install spotlights ceiling.

As for the bathrooms, our attention will be placed on the mirror , which is the true protagonist, in terms of utility and lighting, bathroom. The bathroom mirror is used for makeup, shave, comb her hair and straighten the hair, therefore requires good lighting, in this case are recommended spotlights chronic 35 or 50 W, peaceable one every 30 cm, or better yet lighting placed on the entire perimeter of the mirror, as used by makeup artists and beauticians.

Finally it will be good to provide any corridors and hallways of lamps, spotlights or chandeliers, depending on the style adopted in the various rooms of the house, or the building in general; although in modern houses an excellent solution for illuminating environments is constituted by the installation of spotlights inserted inside a false ceiling partial . Remember to make visible all crossing points both inside and outside your home, steps, door, work areas, garage, will be well-lit.