It will happen to all of you to open your closet and realize that there is more space for other clothes . This leads usually when you have a small wardrobe, but before purchasing a new one , bigger, you should follow some guidelines to create a larger space . Organize a small closet can seem like a difficult task , but in reality it is not at all; in fact, taking advantage of the vertical space , you can not only create additional space , but also eliminate clutter. Even the small closet in the house can be turned into a functional space through the simple solutions . Let’s see How to organize a small wardrobe.

small wardrobe

Try installing a second auction on the main one in order to practically double the space for hanging clothes . Keep all objects of daily use , such as shoes or towels, the bottom of the cabinet; while items that are rarely used, as the clothes out of season or duvets and winter blankets , put them on top shelves . To facilitate the storage of the latter, are very useful rods, wall hooks and baskets they slide easily on the shelves. Remove any bulky items , such as a vacuum cleaner and iron boiler, usually erroneously, are often crammed in closets.

If you have deep shelves , you should fold your clothes properly to get a larger space behind them. If you use a dresser or other furniture with drawers to store tights, socks, pajamas and underwear , stack these leaders vertically rather than horizontally. If the cabinet also contains the shoes, you should remove them arranging them in a shoe, removing boxes. This solution, besides being convenient in terms of recovered space, is also and above all hygienic because the shoes should not be kept together with the clothes.

To preserve the best clothes in a small closet , you should make sure you have the right support to keep all clothing safely. Use crutches metal rather than traditional plastic or wood; This because, being more resistant, you can hang over heads and recover additional space , Therefore , make sure that the bracket where rest crutches to be able to withstand the brunt; then, if necessary, reinforce or replace it.