We know that after the winter we have to adjust the arrival of spring : as it is often said “we need to do spring cleaning. “With this classic expression it means in the strict sense, but also consider the factor of season change. So as we prepare our house with the arrival of this season? Lets talk about how to prepare the house for spring.

the house

The beginning of spring is read immediately when we see the first flowers bloom, the air heats, though often not enough, however, comes the time where to start to open the windows to air out the house . With the arrival of spring try to use of bright colors that recall precisely this period.

Light: to receive the light of the days are getting longer and the sun begins to describe arcs ever higher in the sky, we can change the curtains, placing the tendon clear and colored (flowers, gingham and polka dots of light cotton, no synthetics, worked or blackout) in mid-window, so you can get light and admire the view while maintaining privacy. It is also the time of the play of light: hanging prisms and colored glass windows enliven any room.

You can decorate your windowsills with plants flowers colored or with useful plants to your kitchen: light and mild climate makes this period suitable for those who want to challenge themselves in a bit ‘of gardening. It is also the time to repaint the house: for those who are meditating for a while ‘to rekindle a wall or to brighten a room, if you pick up the ball and dive! Welcome vertical lines, pastel colors and “variations”, for example, we can light up a corridor with bands of different widths in various shades of green.

For the furniture you may opt for a touch of spring without necessarily changing the whole area: the cushions or cushion covers light will brighten up the chairs, sofas and armchairs. The white curtains mounted inside of the glass will also light the belief darker, and tassels with the simple bows light will bring a fresh touch of keys, knobs, handles. Where you can, replace synthetic materials and too soft (plastic, velvet, brocade, chenille) from natural materials and “crunchy” (glass, wood, paper, shells) to be inspired to return alarms and snappy for the summer .