Clean home is not always easy and fun. For deep cleaning, especially on stained tissues, require a lot of time and effort. If to you it is stained a carpet with oil I have the solution for you. Let’s see how to remove an oil stain from the carpet, removing all halos and trying to make as little effort as possible with the right tools.

oil stain

We begin to distinguish the types of carpet that we can all use in our house. There are carpets for the bathroom, those for the bedroom and children’s room, and then the ones used more in the kitchen, the place where we spend most of our day time. But sometimes it can happen, that while we cook can splash oil for frying, or even be a little ‘clumsy and let us slip of the hand cruet, and it’s easy to get dirty the carpet. Unfortunately the ‘ oil is just one of the spots that we would not want to ever see.

First, when we realize this spot , we have to avoid running too long before you can remove and wash, because the ‘oil being a very thick liquid and tends to soak immediately, especially on the carpets, and after that happens stain does not go away completely. If a rug is both subtle and often, treatment should be the same fear not. The first operation to remove oil stains from the carpet will be therefore to dab with the paper towel dry to try to absorb, and eliminate, as much oil as possible. Once you have your carpet buffered with paper towels you can use two types of products to remove stains d ‘oil. The first product that you need to spray the stain is the degreaser , about three or four sprays. Leave for about five minutes degrease and after putting the carpet in the washing machine , however, by putting in the mailbox of the washing machine also a little ‘ soap liquid for the washing , so as to clean it thoroughly. When you run the washing of the carpet reduce the times of the centrifuge, because otherwise the rubber that is under the mat can be damaged. When the carpet can be washed it to dry on the drying rack and you’ll see that the stain will be no more.

In case you did not have to have the degreaser at home you will remove the stain with a different type of product, the dish soap. To remove the stain from the carpet with soap for the dishes you will have Minette about three drops on it. As with degreaser have to let it soak for a few minutes. When you have waited about 5 minutes gently wipe the stain, and then the dish soap, with the brush. Then washed in the washing machine and dry your carpet.