Often home waft odors and are now on the market a variety of products to run for cover. The problem is that the various fragrances are real chemical bombs then trapped in the home that are inhaled unknowingly. Onion, shallot and garlic have a smell very persistent and often tend to stay in the kitchen a lot longer than remain in our stomachs the excellent dishes prepared with these ingredients. If you can not help but use them in the kitchen, but do not want to smell, there are remedies to eliminate it. Here’s how to remove the smell of onions from the kitchen .

how to remove

Pour the vinegar into a large container and place it on the work surface of the kitchen . Use more than one container if the smell of onion has invaded the other rooms of the house. Boil some pieces of citrus fruits, slowly reducing the flame of the burner once the water comes to a boil. Lemon, orange and lime produce a pleasant aroma, but you should check from time to time the water level and add more if needed.

Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and vacuum after about half an hour. At this point break a piece of coal in small pieces : to do this, put it in a casing composed of newspapers and break it using the hammer. Put small pieces of coal in a bowl and spread where the smell of onions is more intense. Avoid, however, to use coal containing flammable substances in its composition. Lay on the surfaces of the rooms where there is the smell bowls previously filled with scented litter. If using cups decorative, no one will know what is their real purpose.

Take a tablespoon of table salt and use it to rub it on the cutting board and knife (being careful not to cut) immediately after use. This immediately absorb smells stronger: there is nothing left to do but use hot water to rinse it all. You can also use coffee grounds, which are effective to absorb the smell of onions, if the salt does not work. For hands, however, squeeze the juice of one lemon in a bowl, soak and use a sponge to rub the area smelly. The lemon juice will eliminate the odor of onion and leave on the hands smell good.