The beach houses are not to be absolutely perfect, because they are second homes that we use during some weekends sunny spring or during the summer . Despite this, however, they must not be overlooked because it can ruin hopelessly, becoming unwelcoming. In fact, over the outside , the inside of the house should not be overlooked because it can form areas with mold or corrode many walls : these are problems that can be solved without major difficulties with simple renovation work. In this guide we will discover how to renovate a house by the sea to give the house a new life.

how to renovate

For many people the house in a place of sea is only used for one or two months a year, which is why in many cases we tend to neglect it too and the consequences can bring many problems. The marine environment, in fact, is one of the most problematic for most of the materials that are in our house: the humidity, temperature and salt tend to spoil our rooms and outside areas, but with some precautions you They may make it less harmful.

To solve the problem of humidity, condensation that forms on the floors and especially mold and stains on the walls , first you have to clean every room carefully. Only when, after careful controls, the end result will be satisfactory, then we can proceed to paint the walls, but first remember to apply the protective materials: are commercially available substances created especially to resist the aggression of the marine environment, so avoid using products of poor quality because the risk is not sufficient to protect our rooms. As for the color of the walls, one of the most commonly used colors for a house to the sea it is white, a simple color that goes well with the landscape of a summer vacation.

Another big problem of the houses near the sea is salty: the environment rich in salt corrodes quickly iron and other metals. To avoid seeing our balustrades and railings always ruined, even in this case the advice is to use protective substances regularly. If we have the opportunity to invest, we can replace the iron with other materials that are resistant to corrosion, for example PVC . To make our rooms cooler, finally, the ideal solution is to improve the fixtures to insulate our house at its best. Since during the summer the temperature is often very high, we can install an air conditioner, or if you prefer we can equip the different rooms of portable fans.