The wooden houses have a timeless appeal and everyone dreams of having a mountain; it is a place where you can spend a good time in front of a fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate . However, being a type of very old house , almost certainly over the years will have need of interventions of restructuring which make it more comfortable and safe. In this article we see how to restructure a number of points of the house, being subject to the action degenerative time, you might need a makeover . Lets talk about how to renovate a house in wood.

how to renovate a house

The interventions that make the most necessary concern facades, windows , covers, floors and flooring. As for the facades, internal and external, though I’ve never been renovated, almost certainly they present the appearance of raw wood alive. In this case, depending on your personal taste, you can choose to overlay an additional layer wooden slats in regular second minimalist architecture, or leave them unchanged acting only where there are signs of deterioration. If the logs are linked by cement mortar , it can be recovered and finished, while if the problem concerns the health of the trunks, in this case the ideal would be to apply a protective varnish for wood in order to guarantee him all the necessary resistance to the agents weather.

The windows play a fundamental role in the thermal stability of the house. In fact, old doors and windows provide little insulation against the cold and the wind. Thus it is appropriate to replace them with new ones to ensure quality standards higher, perhaps by adopting the double glass that allows the formation of the so-called “thermal bridge”. The shell instead definitely need renovation. It is good practice, in fact, isolate the roof of the house with panels of sound-absorbing and insulating materials, which allow you to get a fair thermal comfort inside the home, both during cold periods and, above all, in those hot .

The wooden floors are very characteristic, but over the years could lose their static functionality. Therefore, it should take advice from an expert to assess the necessity or otherwise of a structural intervention that makes the horizontal structures safe and earthquake resistant. Finally, as regards the floor, the wood tends to rise or to embark, and this could be a good opportunity to enter beneath it a heating system consisting of coils radiating. In this way, you can reduce energy consumption up to 50%.